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About Us

Gold Ribbon Network (GRN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children with cancer and their families. In Japan, more than 2,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. The patients and their families not only go through physical and emotional challenges of the treatments but also many of them face financial difficulties. Furthermore, approximately half of the survivors suffer long term health problems called "late effects" caused by the cancer itself and the treatments, and require support going forward in their lives. We aim to create a society where children with cancer are able to live their lives with comfort and security.

Chairman Hidefumi Matsui

Childhood Cancer in Japan

  • 2,000 to 2,500 children are diagnosed with cancer every year.
  • Current survival rate is 70% to 80%.
  • The leading cause of death by illness in children.
  • Many cases require 6 months to 1 year of hospitalization,
    followed by 1 to 2 years of outpatient treatment.
    The long period of treatment places a heavy burden on the
    patients and their families.
  • Many children suffer side effects from the treatment which
    may result in PTSD.
  • Half of the survivors suffer late effects such as short stature,
    weight problem, muscular abnormalities, organ function
    problems, visual impairment, fertility problems, secondary
    tumor, immune disfunction and so on.

What We Do

Enhance the Quality of Life of Children Affected by Cancer

1.Supporting Hospital Visits Childhood cancer is a rare disease. There are only about 200 high performing hospitals nation wide and it is often the case that patients travel long distance to get effective treatments. We cover hospital visit expenses for 100km plus travel and also accommodation for accompanying family members up to 200,000 yen per year per patient.

2.Scholarship Cancer survivors will be awarded scholarships for universities, colleges or vocational schools. We grant scholarship annual 480,000 yen per student for the minimum of mandatory period required for the graduation.

3.Medical Beanie Gift We gift medical beanies made with cotton to children suffering hair problems caused by the treatment.

4.Funding Support Camps Support camps provide precious opportunities for children with cancer and their families to participate in outdoor activities. We cover expenses for support camps held by support groups.
Funding require those camps to be accompanied by primary care physician or nurses giving the patients and their families a chance to interact and exchange information not only with other patients and families but also with the doctors and nurses.

5.Assisting Survivors Suffering Late Effects with Employment In some cases, survivors suffering late effects experience difficulties finding employment. We provide opportunities for "workplace experiences" and "job trails" to help them with recruitment.

6.Setting Up Study Rooms Since treatments for childhood cancer often require months of hospitalization, patients treated at hospitals without hospital school will only have their bedside space for schoolwork. Also, there are no hospital schools for senior high school students. We help hospitals set up study rooms equipped with oxygen masks and emergency communication devices.

7.Survivors Network "Survivors Network" is an information service for survivors of childhood cancer. We provide registrants with information about free admission invitation for various events such as music concerts, baseball games, workshops, and so on. These events are good opportunities for survivors and their families to exchange information with each other.

Research Grants

To increase survival rate and ultimately conquer childhood cancer, we provide funding for research in childhood cancer and late effects. Also, grant a researcher of childhood cancer for international study every year.

Raising Awareness and Providing Information

1.Charity Events To raise awareness about childhood cancer we hold charity events such as walk, marathon, concerts and so on.

2.Providing Latest Information in Japanese Cancer Information Japan Site operated by Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation (TRI) publishes most up-to-date Physician Data Query from National Cancer Institute (NCI, United States). We cover the expense for Japanese translation of the articles on childhood cancer.

If you reached us through TOKYO MARATHON 2021 CHARITY, please donate from the URL below ↓. You will be registered as a Tokyo Marathon 2021 Charity donor.

Gold Ribbon Network is an official charity of the Tokyo Marathon 2021 Charity.
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